who we support

We work with a diverse variety of enterprises and entrepreneurs, but they all have a few things in common. You’ll join our community if you’re serious about the potential of your innovation and hungry to grow. We like to work with people who are smart, curious and creative, helping them to realise game-changing ideas.

Health and Medical Cluster

We harness a diverse community of experts within healthcare, medicine and biotech to help impactful businesses thrive.

Start-Ups & Accelerators

We help new business owners develop confidence and be ambitious with their ideas, through our range of funded support programmes.


We help small businesses unlock the hidden opportunities to disrupt traditional industries and steal a march on their competitors.


We believe business can make our world better. We want to live in a world where people question how things are and dedicate their working lives to changing them for the better.

Corporate Innovation

We help large established businesses create breakout agile innovation teams and connect with new and exciting ideas.

Social & Environmental

We help companies join us on our mission to bring social, environmental and economic impact together.