UK Shared Prosperity Fund is an exclusive business support programme designed to empower underrepresented entrepreneurs in South London.

Are you a forward-thinking founder looking to overcome a business challenge?

We’re seeking underrepresented ambitious founders looking to take their business to new heights. Sussex Innovation’s UK SPF Deep Dive and InnoGrowth programmes are here to equip you with the tools, expertise, and support necessary to overcome your business challenges and unlock your full potential.

Our programmes offer a unique opportunity to access fully funded bespoke consultancy support. Delivered in collaboration with esteemed academics from the University of Sussex, our expert consultants will guide you through innovative models and strategies aimed at fostering growth and scalability.

We’re dedicated to supporting businesses like yours through a multi-disciplinary approach, addressing the diverse needs of today’s dynamic business landscape.

We can help you with:

Understanding Your Market

  • Refining your marketing strategy and messaging
  • Undertaking market research
  • Go-to-market product or service strategy

Optimising Your Operations

  • Implementing new technology, process and systems for growth
  • Business modelling
  • Financial modelling

What sets us apart?

We have supported over 1,000+ SMEs through our various business support programmes, helping them to scale through implementing new business models or taking new products to market, recruiting new employees, and raising investment and applying for government grant tenders.