Keep innovating from a position of strength

Mix with hundreds of innovative companies and thousands of entrepreneurial people while building your company’s next leap forward.

A Space for Intrapreneurship

It’s difficult finding space to experiment within a large organisation. When your working practices are long established and built around consistency of delivery, there’s little opportunity to try out new ideas and changes of direction. But in the corporate world, standing still can sometimes look like going backwards.

If you want to keep your business from falling behind the competition, Sussex Innovation can help. We’ll challenge your model just as we would any start-up, present you with new ideas, technologies and products, introduce you to talented, thought-provoking people and offer you an environment to foster corporate innovation.

Why work with us?

Talk to us if you’re shaking things up without disrupting what makes you successful:

  • If you’re establishing a skunkworks to test new ideas outside of the corporate structure
  • If you want access to world-leading researchers and cutting-edge technologies
  • If you’re keen to rub shoulders with the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • If you need to change your corporate strategy and mindset with fresh insights and perspectives.