Sales: Influencing Others and Winning the Pitch

Whatever the pitch... learn how to win it!

Whatever the pitch, win it with these best-practice techniques

When you’re delivering a sales pitch, you need to answer two key questions. Why should anyone say yes to your proposal? And why should they buy from you over anyone else? Answer these, and you’re well on the way to winning their business.

Influencing Others and Winning the Pitch

This workshop will help you understand: 

  •  The psychology of the pitch 
  • Learn precious skills in positive influence
  • The politics of the pitch
  • Open/closed questions
  • Active listening 
  • Our 12 Pitch Golden Rules

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“We brought them in to do branding and messaging. It was cost-saving, incredibly useful, incredibly efficient – it happened within seven days of us asking. It allowed us to reformulate the marketing that we were looking for.”

Mark Hla – co-founder, Thrivemap