Coaching: Time Management and the 168 Hour Dilemma 

Take control of your time, and your life.

Learn how to take control of your time, and your life

Heads of state and CEOs invest serious money in making every second of their time count…but why do we assume that our time is less valuable than theirs? Society places a greater value on time in relation to seniority. The sooner we learn to be disciplined with our time, set boundaries and put ourselves first, the more successful we’ll be in the things that we want to achieve. 

Time Management and the 168 Hour Dilemma

 This workshop will help you understand: 

  • Why your time is more valuable than anyone else’s and why you are in control of it 
  • How to do a time audit for yourself 
  • How to create a best-practice schedule
  • The importance of prioritisation and how to do it for yourself 
  • Introduction to the Pomodoro technique

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“We’ve gone from two or three people working from this office, to 15 at the beginning of lockdown, to over 40 now as we come back from Covid. The Innovation Centre has allowed us to grow and flex with their office space, the technology, the support they’ve offered.”

Sam Peters – COO, ISMS Online