Coaching: Managing your Manager

Enjoy your work more, and get ahead of the pack.

Enjoy your work more, and get ahead of the pack

“People don’t quit their job; they quit their boss”, so the saying goes. But what if you focused on how to manage your manager better? How much less painful and more rewarding could work be?

For some reason, this vital skill is something that’s never really given much thought. Having the knowledge and skillset to manage your manager could be the difference between enjoying your job or not, and perhaps getting that promotion over a team member. Learn the techniques of how to manage your manager so that life at work is more rewarding and more enjoyable. It’s time to understand what your manager is truly saying to you. 

Managing Your Manager

This workshop will help you understand:  

  • What makes your manager “tick” 
  • How to “manage up” effectively
  • Conflict resolution
  • Building your own confidence
  • Coping with difficult conversations
  • Active listening

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“Our business is growing rapidly, which can be an operational challenge, but we feel confident that we’re in the right place – with the right people around us – to ensure our success.”

Will Golder – Director, RaceNation