Strategy: The Power of Purpose

Love what you do by understanding why you do it

Do you want to take greater control of your career or business?

Purpose allows businesses to unlock their talents and resources to make a difference in the world. A clear purpose helps to motivate and energise everyone who works for your company.

Just as important is the relationship that purpose creates with your customers; a clear purpose helps turn customers into believers in your mission, in turn helping to spread the positive word about your company.

Find your passion and purpose. Learn the process for loving what you do by understanding why you do it and you’ll be happier, more successful, and work won’t feel like work.

The Power of Purpose

  • costCost: £1,199

Our purpose workshop will help you focus in on exactly where you’re going and why you’re heading in that direction. You’ll understand why your business exists and what you want it to achieve. You’ll take away from it a sense of clarity; feeling motivated to set things in motion and act.


  • How to construct a personal vision
  • How to write best-practice goals
  • A useful framework for bringing it all together in one cohesive approach

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