Insight: Market Analysis

A deeper understanding of your sector

Our research team can help your business uncover valuable insights into trends, areas of growth, existing solutions and potential risks.

Research is often overlooked, but it is in fact invaluable to all growing businesses.

As it will help you to optimise opportunities, minimise risk, communicate with current and prospective customers, and appeal to investors.

Market Analysis

  • costCost: £1,199 or part/fully funded

Our team will conduct in-depth, desk-based research into an industry or market area of your choice and produce a research report that will give you the knowledge to succeed and drive your business forward.


  • A research briefing document to share your ideas and the scope of the project
  • A full day of desk-based research conducted by our specialist insight team
  • A bespoke research report to support your future growth

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“We wanted to express our thanks to you and the team. The information you have provided is really very helpful – we liked the attention to detail, asking questions about our business idea that really challenge the way we think, keeping a very clear focus on a potential market, excellent data presented from research conducted in a very difficult market. This is a major step forward for us.”

Michael Piraner – co-founder, Kompassera

“Joseph was great to work with – professional, informed, friendly, knowledgeable and a great communicator. I found the whole process to be an interesting and useful exercise in understanding my product, the best ways to market it, and some great ideas on the side.”

Kevin Monnery – Director, Monnery Ltd

“We spoke to 27 HR directors that could have bought our product and we had insights from them, written down and audio… I realised that this was the most in-depth understanding of our market. Their guard was down, they were talking to an academic and telling us things that we never even thought of. It blew me away, and changed our approach to marketing.”

Mark Hla – co-founder, Thrivemap

“The idea of a research project immediately appealed to us, but we wouldn’t have considered that approach, or had the resources to pull it off, without the team’s help. It got us a foot in the door, directly helped us to reach a range of potential clients, and ultimately grow our business.”

Alistair Crombie – founder, One Research