On Sunday, 19th January 2020, Simon Mayo launched an appeal on BBC Radio 4 on behalf of the Virtual Doctors, telling listeners about George, a Clinical Officer in Malawi who helped save three lives (a mother and her unborn twins) with the support of volunteer medical professionals supporting the charity’s telemedicine service. George was put in contact with a volunteer obstetrician in the UK who advised him on how to lower Mercy’s blood pressure, speed up her labour and reduce bleeding post-delivery, thus enabling him to safely deliver Mercy of two healthy babies. Further information about the successful work of the Virtual Doctors in rural Zambia and Malawi can be found on their website.

Simon says, “the use of the Virtual Doctors app seems like such an inspired idea, that I think everyone will want to get behind it.”

Ian Kerr, Chairman of the Virtual Doctors said “We can’t thank Simon enough. He will help attract attention to our wonderful cause which is already making an impact on the lives of so many. Our volunteer doctors are our USP. I don’t know of any other telemedicine service that can boast that they have over 100 fantastic highly qualified medical professionals all giving their time and expertise for free and, what’s more, we receive enquiries daily from others wanting to help. That support is priceless.”

The broadcast is part of a wider campaign to raise awareness about the charity’s work this winter to local and national listeners and supporters are encouraged to get behind this. £180 will help buy a smartphone loaded with the Virtual Doctors app; £25 pays the phone plan required to connect it to the internet and to volunteer doctors in the UK. The more phones provided, the more clinics served. And as medical expertise is shared, thousands of patients across sub-Saharan Africa will see an improvement in their primary healthcare. If you missed the broadcast, make sure to listen here.

The Virtual Doctors relies 100% on charitable donations to support its work. So far, they have raised nearly £16,000 via the BBC and in total over £25,000. To support the Virtual Doctors, head to their charity donate page here or get in touch with Lina Woehrling to find out how you can help in other ways.

Virtual Doctors is a charity providing sophisticated yet easy to use telemedicine software for rural health workers in Zambia.