Tabletop gaming company Hawk Wargames took home all four awards for which it was nominated at this year’s UK Games Expo awards ceremony, celebrating the best products of the industry. A judging panel and public vote found them the winners of Best Miniatures Rules, Best Miniatures, Best Accessory and Best Rules Expansion.

Hawk Wargames was founded in 2012 and released Dropzone Commander, a 10mm scale miniature wargame set in a science-fiction future. Designing the rules system and producing a range of miniatures, Hawk released expansions named Reconquest: Phase 1 in 2014 and Reconquest: Phase 2 in 2016.

In 2016, following a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised over £600,000 against their target of £40,000, Hawk released their second game system; Dropfleet Commander. Set in the same universe as Dropzone Commander and design to integrate play between the two games, Dropfleet is a game of orbital space combat.

The award for Best Miniatures Rules and Best Miniatures was bestowed upon ‘Dropfleet Commander’, and Best Accessory to Dropfleet’s ‘Modular Space Station Kit’. The award for Best Rules Expansion was given to Dropzone Commander’s ‘Reconquest: Phase 2’.

“We are incredibly proud of the team who have worked so hard and put in so much effort to build Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander,” said the Partners of Hawk Wargames. “We are really grateful to see the company rewarded like this and it was a huge surprise for us. The UK Games Expo is now the third largest tabletop convention in the world, so there’s a real prestige about these awards. We’re looking forward to the steps that Hawk Wargames is going to take in the next few years.”