The team at Crystalusion has developed a new device that could help save lives on the road – and will launch a crowdfunding campaign on 19th March to help bring ‘Voxos’ to market. The technology is intended to bridge ‘the divide’; the gap between the distractions of what’s happening on our mobile screens, and our safety and interaction with other road users in the real world.

Voxos combines headphones and glasses into a single product, using revolutionary integrated bone conduction technology to transmit sound through the listener’s cheekbones rather than the ear canal. As a result, users can hear sounds from the real and digital worlds simultaneously. Using the smart glasses, cyclists, runners and pedestrians can access music, GPS and phone calls via Bluetooth while keeping their eyes on the road and avoiding the distraction of in-ear headphones.

According to the World Health Organisation, nearly 1.3million people die every year as a result of road traffic accidents, with a significant proportion of these incidents caused by distractions including smartphones.

The crowdfunding campaign launches on Kickstarter on March 19th. Support the campaign on social media when it launches by joining the Thunderclap here, and find out more about the device and how you can get your hands on a pair here.