UKCloud, the winner of the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100, has awarded secure cloud services provider Alliantist ‘Preferred Partner’ status as part of its recently launched partner programme. The recommendation relates to Alliantist’s innovative cloud service, launched last year. is used by government organisations and their supply chains to meet security and assurance demands.

Achieving and maintaining cyber and information security management systems by following standards like ISO 27001 is becoming a prerequisite for working with information, and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation reinforces that importance. The UK government is making efforts to encourage more organisations to deliver innovation into the public sector, but there are very specific requirements for doing so, particularly in the areas of assurance and security management.

“We are delighted to be working with UKCloud as a Preferred Partner for the ongoing delivery of our flagship multi-agency services and collaborating on this initiative,” said Mark Darby, CEO of Alliantist. “Many of the organisations that want to work with government are unable to do so because of their ineffective information security credentials. They are simply too much of a risk and can’t be trusted. I know what it takes for success in the space because we deliver cloud services that hold very sensitive information. In fact, we had to develop our own Information Management Security System (ISMS) as nothing else met the need for an easy to use complete ISMS in one secure place. I wanted to make that available to others, at a fraction of the cost and time it took us, so those businesses can concentrate on what they do well and win those valuable new contracts.”

“Alliantist has been delivering successfully into government for many years, and has earned the trust of its customers,” said Mark Jackson, director of partners at UKCloud. “Government organisations want to be confident they can trust providers’ cloud services. offers an innovative cloud-based solution to help providers build and maintain their security and assurance credentials quickly, and cost-effectively.”

“We’re delighted to award Alliantist ‘Preferred Partner’ status, a company that shares our vision of assured cloud services for the UK public sector,” said Simon Hansford, CEO at UKCloud. “Alliantist’s track record within the UK Public Sector, combined with their new complementary offering make them a valuable partner for us.”

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