Alliantist, the company behind cloud collaboration platform pam, have announced a new strategic partnership with Charter Systems, market leaders in “Source and Covert Authorities Management” software. It is hoped that the partnership will help public officials to effectively fight organised and serious crime, which is estimated to cost the UK £24bn each year.

The partnership may help to reduce that cost, by helping different agencies to work together efficiently and avoid technological barriers. More than half of UK police forces use Charter Systems software to manage covert surveillance activities relating to organised crime, and the new technology partners will provide combined coverage of more than 75% of the UK police force.

Charter Systems CEO, Paul Clark said: “When considering the challenges faced by the Regional Organised Criem Units, we wanted to find a partner who understood both collaboration and operational change. Alliantist’s capability profile fits very well with Charter Systems’ operational expertise in covert policing.”

Alliantist CEO, Mark Darby said: “This alliance naturally builds on the work we are doing with our customers. We are really excited to be working with another market leader and collaboratively-focused organisation like Charter Systems, it’s central to our own partnering philosophy and the combined proposition will deliver even more towards lowering that £24billion cost of organised crime.”

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