Digital marketing agency White Hat Media has been appointed to drive the social media and SEO strategy for Paddy’s Bathroom, a new start-up selling organic bath time products for kids.

The brand was created by Paul Lindley, the founder of popular natural baby food company Ella’s Kitchen. Paddy’s Bathroom, named after his son Patrick (Ella’s brother), is focused on making bath time more fun for kids. It was successfully launched into Target stores across the US in January 2015. In the UK parents can now see the new range of six children’s bathroom products in selected Tesco stores across the country.

“As a start-up brand, Paddy’s Bathroom chose to work with White Hat Media because they understand how to reach and engage with consumers in the most relevant and motivating way”, said Paul. “We have been delighted with how the White Hat Media team has helped us scope our digital strategy, implement our launch campaign and spend our limited budget wisely.”

White Hat Media has been hard at work with the team at Paddy’s Bathroom since autumn 2014, launching the brand on Facebook and Twitter in the US, and preparing for the UK debut.

“Fresh off the back of a successful launch in the US, we’re really excited to be helping Paddy’s Bathroom to launch in Tesco stores across the UK this week, with full support of its fun and friendly social media profiles and website,” said White Hat Media CEO Jeremy Spiller. “Congratulations to Paul Lindley for founding another fantastic brand. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Paddy’s Bathroom!”