Location-based information service Qaboo Media is rolling out a new interactive City Xplorer system across 100 of Brighton and Hove’s famous turquoise and white cabs.

Following a successful launch period, which has seen 25 taxi headrests fitted with TaxiTV media players over the past year, Qaboo has made the decision to expand the service and introduce a host of new features, helping to showcase even more of what Brighton has to offer.

The screens’ new ‘city portal’ will provide relevant information in real time to residents and visitors as they travel around the city. Beacon technology can be used to notify passengers as they approach various points of interest, issue vouchers and rewards, and alert them to events happening nearby that day. Users can even choose to link the screens with their phone in order to save or download information.

In a recent interview with South East Business magazine, founder Anthony Parkins explains that the new approach is designed to provide increased value for passengers, and particularly tourists.

Qaboo has also announced partnerships with two of the city’s primary leisure organisations, Visit Brighton and Brighton Marina, who will curate their own content via the screens. The City Xplorer service can be updated from a central system, enabling partners and advertisers to gather data on how the screens are being used by passengers, and adjust their content accordingly.

“The new technology will give us even more opportunities to share the best of Brighton and Hove with people as they travel around the city,” says Anthony Parkins, Managing Director of Qaboo. “It’s a vibrant, exciting place where new things are happening all the time, and the blend of changing information, entertainment and recommendations we can provide through City Xplorer is great at reflecting that.

“We want to spread the word about everything that’s going on in the city, as well as helping local shops, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions to capitalise on a huge range of potential customers.”

A video demonstration of the new City Xplorer system is available at Qaboo’s website.

Qaboo is a location-based information service, specialising in interactive ‘Taxi TV’ media players installed in the headrests of cabs.