Mojeek, the alternative search engine that supports internet users’ privacy by not tracking their browsing, has continued to grow with the help of a significant cash injection from a private investor.

The business has taken delivery of 100 new servers, almost doubling its data capacity, and enabling Mojeek to grow its catalogue of indexed web pages from 2.5 to more than 4 billion pages over the next six months. The new data will be the equivalent of adding approximately a Wikipedia’s worth of information to Mojeek on a daily basis.

Mojeek also plans to capitalise on the new investment by adjusting its algorithm, dramatically improving the quality of search results and improving user experience.

“We’d like to thank everybody who has supported us on our journey so far,” said Finn Brownbill, Marketing and Communications for Mojeek. “We truly appreciate our users’ dedication and patience in using our service throughout its continued growth, especially considering the small size of our team and the calibre of the search giants we are competing against. As we look to the future, we can promise that Mojeek is about to get bigger and better! As well as improving the quality of our search results, we will also be adding plenty of new features such as maps and business listings. Together, we can build the world’s alternative search engine.”

Mojeek is a UK-based web crawler and search engine, with a focus on providing independent, alternative and unbiased search results.