Can you tell us a bit about ReachInOut?

ReachInOut is a marketing business that helps businesses gain new customers, speak to their target market and make their sales team busier. We do this by using platforms like LinkedIn and email, as well as staff cold calling to deliver leads to businesses.


Tell us about your team.

Our team is spread across three countries. Our UK team is based here at Sussex Innovation, where predominantly the management of the business takes place with myself (Jack), my business partner Frank, the head of operations, the head of sales, the head of finance, and other members of the sales team.

South Africa is also a huge part of our business; when we deliver marketing campaigns to customers, which consist of your content posting, copyrighting and such, we use South Africa as our main source of resources with our team of copywriters, campaign managers, and graphic designers.

We also have an office in India and they do a lot of our back work for the administration, data input, data acquisition, and anything like that!


How does your business model work?

First of all, we identify our client’s target audience. We then do a profile of our client to understand what service they are trying to deliver, asking what the elevator pitch is, what USP they are trying to provide, and the benefits of their service. Our content team then creates a copy and message sequencing that will make that appealing to their target audience. We automate the outreach process for them, whether it’s email marketing or LinkedIn messaging, by funneling the responses and providing our clients with the details of anyone who showed an interest in their service.


What makes you different from other businesses?

We are fun to work with, and we have a non-bias approach to marketing. Unlike many other marketing companies, we do everything in-house. Instead of outsourcing different segments of a particular campaign to other companies, we provide our clients with a service to build their business that combines LinkedIn, email, and cold calling in one platform all under one roof. Because we deliver a multitude of services, instead of specialising in one particular field, we do A to B testing in order to understand which service is most successful and deploy that and scale, rather than trying to get clients to buy one specific service.


Where do you see the company in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, we see our company owning the whole of floor 21 of this building (One Croydon). Our Dad used to run a business up on that exact floor, so we want to move into his old office. I think that would be a pretty good indicator of growth.