The Managing Director of Mindlab International, Duncan Smith, visited BAFTA to discuss ‘the power of implicit testing’ at the recent Advertising Producers Association (APA) conference The Future of Advertising 2014.

He argued that traditional forms of market research can be ineffective, because unconscious emotions power our decision making. Instead, he suggested that truly accurate market research must explore implicit, subconscious responses, as 90% of our thinking goes on outside of our conscious control.

The Future of Advertising is an annual event in which the APA seeks to help production companies and agencies understand the latest developments in technology and communication, and to see the possibilities that they create for brands to talk to customers.

APA partner organisation The Beak Street Bugle filmed an interview with Duncan in which he summarised the key points of his speech in two minutes – you can watch the video here.

Mindlab International measure and analyse consumer shopping decisions, which are strongly influenced by factors outside of conscious awareness.