Hardball Games has announced the launch of its first major multi-platform videogame at the gamescom Future Games Show on 23rd August. OutRage is a brand-new multiplayer beat-em-up brawler coming to PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, iOS and Android next year.

Launching into early access on PC in Spring 2024, the game will bring bite-size, old school fighting action to a new generation of PC players before becoming available on consoles and mobile devices at full launch.

OutRage sees up-to 32 players take part in street-raging brawls in which they can use not only themselves to take on their opponents, but destructible levels, vehicles and street furniture to do damage too. Across multiple team-based, free-for-all and battle royale inspired modes, players earn ‘Rage’ through the game’s Rage system, allowing them to ‘Rage Up’ to grow bigger, hit harder and throw bigger in short and chaotic sessions.

“At Hardball Games we love playing team-based games together but don’t always have the time to invest weeks or months mastering a new game. We wanted to create something that anyone could pick up and play with their friends but had a reward system and progression for players that wanted to put in the extra time,” said Jason Avent, Studio Head at Hardball Games. “So with OutRage we’ve been really creative in the ways we’re dialling up the fun and making the game accessible.”