Soundtrack production software company Filmstro have launched a free mobile app for iOS, based on their successful studio software product Filmstro Pro.

Filmstro Mobile will enable hobbyists and amateur filmmakers to synchronise a soundtrack to a 30-second video clip via their phone, as well as using a slider to manipulate the depth and intensity of the music in time to the action onscreen. App users can choose from a curated library of original recordings designed to accompany a wide range of themes.

The new app is available now for free from the App Store, and is compatible with iPhone. It is released at an exciting time for Filmstro, who have recently announced that their lead ‘Filmstro Pro’ product is to be integrated as a plug-in for the Adobe Premiere Pro CC software package. The company are also working closely with online video platform Vimeo to offer some of the software’s capabilities to the legions of filmmakers using the site.