13th January 2020 – The first day of my apprenticeship, and my first day in the real world of work; I could not wait. 3 years of customer service experience in a fish and chip shop was about to pay off. Little did I, or anyone else for that matter, know what the world had in store for us.

Before joining Sussex Innovation, had someone asked me to explain the concept of “innovation”, I couldn’t. If someone asked me the same question in March, I would’ve mumbled a few things, giving it my best go.

Now, a year into my apprenticeship having watched and been immersed in a team that had to change their whole approach and way of working, I am confident in my understanding of the true definition of innovation.

Innovation is all about supporting and creating new or alternative methods, products, ideas and services that will help with new profits and growth amongst businesses. I have witnessed businesses struggle through potentially the hardest year for entrepreneurs and start-ups; they have all shown great strength and determination that is admirable. In a time where it was so easy to feel hopeless, I experienced entrepreneurs and businesses striving and adapting to try and suit the new way of work, and the innovation of all things business.

With my apprenticeship drawing to an end, it excites me to think of the future. What will it hold for me? What will it hold for entrepreneurs and start-ups? How else will things change? And finally, what will it mean for innovation? I can’t wait to see.