In this series, we talk with different Sussex Innovation team members about their interests, role, and the day-to-day support they can provide for members of our community. Today Busola chats with Vaanya Kainth, Junior Consultant. 

Tell me a bit about you and your role.  

My name is Vaanya and I am a recent graduate from the University of Sussex with an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience. I have a passion for research and I currently work as a Junior Consultant at Sussex Innovation which involves a wide range of work activities such as supporting the team with various needs while getting to experience many different workflows.

What kind of issues can you help our members solve?  

I believe that with my background in research as well as the experience I am getting at Sussex Innovation, I’m good at understand the needs of different businesses and providing them with a starting point for researching their market or competition.

What is a project you have enjoyed working on the most till date?

I have enjoyed working on various market research projects. I especially, found the work we did for Mike Shorer Jewellery very different; it involved a section of research that was unique and getting into that was so interesting!

What is the number one challenge you hear frequently from clients and what can be done about it?

The challenges differ from client to client. I can certainly help them through their tasks, as well as contribute towards solving the problem from a fresh perspective.

Why do you do your job, what do you get out of it?

Getting to be a part of the journey of different businesses, while also taking part in research in a business setting where I get to understand about the different trends happening in the market. It helps give me a different perspective, translating that research into the real world.

Where will we find you on an ideal weekend? 

Sitting down by the beach with a book if the weather is nice or hanging around with friends cooking a new recipe.

What is a unique hobby or talent you have?

I am a trained dancer of 9 years in a classical Indian dance form called ‘Kathak’ and that gives me a status of teaching that art form as well. I guess that could be considered a talent. 

What is your favourite innovation or invention, and why?

My favourite invention is VR goggles. It really enhanced the way one can play video games to a whole different level, and I love playing video games!

Recommend a book you recently read.

The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success by Andy McNab and Kevin Dutton. The book is incredible in the way it portrays the idea of a ‘good psychopath’ while giving the autobiographical experiences of said people. It offers a whole new perspective on what psychopathy would be like, away from the media portrayal.

Do you do much cooking and if so, do you have a favourite recipe? 

I really enjoy cooking different cuisines and experimenting. My favourite so far is a Korean dish called Japchae, which is basically glass noodles with lots of veggies and meat. It’s easy to make and quite healthy!