In this series, we talk with different Sussex Innovation team members about their interests, role, and the day-to-day support they can provide for members of our community. Today Catalyst team member, Busola chats with Daisy Wood, Manager for the Croydon centre. 

Tell me a bit about you and your role. 

My name is Daisy, and I am the centre manager for our Croydon centre. I took on this role in May of 2021. We are quite a small team that is physically based in Croydon. The role involves overseeing the day-to-day running of the centre as well as looking after our tenants and the wider team. I also do a bit of sales and marketing; I try to get involved in a little bit of everything.  

 What is a project you have enjoyed working on the most to date? 

It is hard to remember everything I have done over the past 7 years, however there have been a couple I have done more recently that stand out. I really enjoyed being part of the investment boot camps, the event was well received and the feedback we got from the attendees was good. I have also been involved with some of the Big South London programmes. This is a partnership between several universities across South London as well as us. We have been involved in their innovation support program and their innovation networks for a cohort of healthcare businesses.  

What kind of issues can you help our members solve? 

I see myself as a bit of a signpost for the wider support team. If a member comes with a specific issue, I can then direct them to the right person. Whatever it is they might need, from Catalyst support to more strategic support I will direct them to the team member that will be able to help. Another connection I make is between members. When someone is looking for advice or expertise within our community I step in and introduce businesses to one another. One of the benefits of membership is that you are part of a community of other businesses that you can collaborate with.

Where will we find you on an ideal weekend?  

9 out of 10 times you will find me doing the big walk in Stanmer park followed by a gig or going to the pub with my friends.  

What is a unique hobby or talent you have ?

I feel like I am good at recognizing faces on TV. Uh, I might not know the actors name, but I am quick to notice if they were in this show five years ago.  

What is your favourite innovation/ invention and why?

The process of pickling. Not only do I do love things that are pickled, it is a good invention because it has been an effective way of preserving food, from hundreds and hundreds of years ago.