101 Visions, the video production arm of climate consultancy C Level, has produced a short film on behalf of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) to bring to life the new carbon accounting tool, Shamba. The film was screened this weekend at the UN climate change conference in Paris, COP21.

Shamba promises to make community-driven climate projects even more viable, while also making these projects more transparent to carbon-balanced businesses who invest in them. The carbon accounting software, developed through a partnership with IIED, the University of Edinburgh and the Plan Vivo network, sets out to reduce the cost of technical consultancy for community and grassroots projects, and increase carbon and financial benefits to smallholders in places like Africa and South America. The video was presented in the Global Landscapes Forum at COP21.

101 Visions was set up to get the word out about low carbon and sustainable ideas, projects and products, through practical and creative film work. The video production team complements C Level’s consultancy work to help businesses discover their carbon footprint and become carbon-balanced through investing in global community forest protection projects. Ultimately, the intention is to promote a culture change that will align business with natural systems.

“We were delighted to work with IIED and the University of Edinburgh to produce this 101 vision on Shamba,” says Daren Howarth, CO of C Level and 101 Visions’ main narrator. “They were faced with a challenge at very short notice – how to reach a non-technical audience and get across to them several years of research and development. With no video assets available and no budget for filming new footage, we used our ‘101 Recut’ service to create a mini-documentary on Shamba – a tool that offers great potential to bridge climate action and sustainable development in the countries that are most impacted by climate change.”

C Level is a B Corp certified climate consultancy with a 20 year twin mission to bring carbon down to earth and change culture, not climate.