Brand Communications and Novus Communications are seeking a Digital Communications and Operations Manager to work remotely alongside our team of experienced financial media specialists, promoting our clients’ news across a range of channels.


We are a long-established, trusted, and influential content channel for financial and corporate public relations. As the environment and working practices in the City change rapidly, we’re unconventional and forward-thinking in our approach. Working directly with publicly listed companies, we create and share a range of content including blogs, video, podcasts and social media for an audience of retail and institutional investors.


We are looking for someone with a deep interest in the world of investment and trading, who is excited about helping our network of retail, HNW and institutional investors to find the best opportunities.

You’ll be motivated to find engaging stories about the businesses we work with, and passionate about using a range of different media and production channels to tell those stories in the most compelling way possible.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Production and editing of podcasts, video interviews and blog content.
  • Publishing client news, press releases and Brand Communications’ content onto our WordPress website (including formatting, tagging and categorisation).
  • Promoting content across social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (with appropriate descriptions, keywords and tagging).
  • Distributing client news to our database of financial media and journalists.
  • Designing and creating templates for social media campaigns.

Desired skills and capabilities include: 

The ideal candidate will be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, responding to priorities and deadlines as our clients’ requirements evolve. Although early mornings and the odd late evening are part and parcel of our industry work structure, we offer flexible working hours and benefits commensurate with those demands.

We are looking for:

  • An ability to quickly understand company financial statements and announcements and highlight salient news and key information to our audience.
  • A good understanding of social media, financial markets, stocks and shares.
  • Experience with content creation and marketing platforms such as WordPress, Microsoft Office, Hootsuite, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Streamyard and Mailchimp.
  • An understanding of, or willingness to learn how to create and edit audio, video and visual content.


This role is a full-time or part time remote position and offers an exceptionally competitive salary based on skills and experience. We also offer a full benefits package, including flexible working options and bonuses for introducing new clients.

Typical work hours are from 7am until early/mid-afternoon four out of five weekdays each week. Overtime and extra hours are also available.


Please apply for the role by email to, attaching your CV with a cover letter to explain your skills and suitability for the role.

Deadline for applications:  Friday 16th June 2023