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ColourWorker software enables accurate measurement of colour from digital camera images, without the need for specialist hardware such as a spectrometer. By enabling colour measurement independent of lighting conditions and without relying on any kind of controlled illumination, ColourWorker provides a portable solution for advanced colour matching. ColourWorker’s unique ability to be easily tuned to application-specific colour pallets, such as skin tones, makes this an exciting and enabling development for medical, cosmetic and other uses. This patented technology has recently been developed into a mobile application, enabling a product ready demonstrator of the technology.

We are currently exploring cosmetic applications for ColourWorker and are keen to speak with potential industry partners who may be interested in collaborating with us to develop a cosmetic brand-specific, colour matching mobile application.

Features and benefits

  • Mobile app-based colour matching technology can enable a user to match their skin tone to commercially available products
  • High accuracy achieved by tailoring measurement to subject material – e.g. skin
  • No need for controlled lighting conditions
  • Pixel-by-pixel estimates of spectral reflectance and colour appearance (LAB values)
  • Patented technology stemming from academic research at the University of Sussex

This technology provides a simple and cost effective solution to measuring colour, consistently and accurately. The newly developed app-based version of the technology provides an opportunity for the development of a customer-facing app for matching skin tone to specific branded cosmetic shades. The technology also has potential for use in paint colour matching, tracking the healing of wounds, and much more.

For further information, or to discuss your specific colour measurement applications please contact us, using the subject line “ColourWorker”. We are interested in commercial partnerships to trial applications and accelerate application-specific development.