Our Members


ANAMAD is a micro SME that will develop laboratory technologies into useful products; they are team of two very experienced materials scientists. They have over 50 years’ experience in academia, working with industry to develop materials. They have received tens of millions of pounds worth of grant funding – grant funding and project management are their strengths. Prof Sergey Mikhalovsky, CChem, FRSC, has outstanding experience in managing large national and international research projects in the areas of biomaterials and medical devices, environmental monitoring and remediation. Dr Matthew Illsley, PhD in biomaterials and stem cell biology, has developed new polymeric and composite materials and transferred these laboratory-based technologies to industry. He has extensive experience working in clinical and industrial environments and as a programme manager. In combination the pair have extensive knowledge of high flow rate materials applications, water treatments, heavy metal removal, nanoparticles, cryogelation, crosslinking of hydrogels, developing and testing biomaterials, wound dressings and regenerative materials.