Applications are now open for Tech Nation’s 3 sector programmes Fintech 3.0 and Applied AI 2.0, plus their new programme, Net Zero 1.0.

All three programs are free to join and Tech Nation doesn’t take an equity stake in your business.

Fintech 3.0
The Fintech 3.0 programme is for the best and brightest fintech companies in the UK and to help them scale at home and abroad. Consisting of insights sessions delivered by some of the most established and well-known fintech entrepreneurs, investors and partners, the goal of this programme is to cover topics such as sales, partnerships with incumbents, expanding internationally. Ultimately, this programme gives companies and founders the tools, knowledge and expertise to scale successfully.

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

– Be based in the UK
– Be a fintech or insurtech companY
– Be at the equivalent of Seed to Series A funding stage
– Offer a product or service to businesses and/or individuals
– Consultancies are excluded

To apply for Fintech 3.0, please click here.

Net Zero 1.0
Tech Nation’s government-backed initiative, the Net Zero 1.0 programme, is all about helping to scale UK tech that is working towards a more sustainable future. It’s the first of its kind to support tech with an eco-conscious vision and will be supported by leading experts, investors and founders.

Tech Nation are seeking digital and hardware companies operating across key sectors including electricity & energy, transport & mobility, agriculture, food systems, manufacturing and building technology. Companies may directly contribute to the UK’s 2050 net-zero target and stabilising global temperatures, with emission-reducing and carbon capture technologies or may contribute indirectly through changing consumer behaviour or increasing efficiencies.

To apply, applicants must fit the following criteria:

– Based in the UK
– Strong Potential and ambition to scale
– Evidence that the product or service is beyond the MVP phase
– Proven evidence of market traction

Grant funding or investment up to Seed or Series A or has revenues below £1.5m

To apply to Net Zero 1.0, please click here.

Applied AI growth programme
The Applied AI growth programme is part of the UK Government AI and Data Sector Deal and the UK’s most exciting tech companies access to a valuable peer network and exposure to later-stage founders with first-hand experience of key scaling challenges. This programme supports the UK’s Artificial Intelligence scaleups that can focus on anything from mobility to manufacturing or e-commerce to healthcare, but they must solve real-world problems. It will unpack scaling journey of AI-specific companies and will be led by experts who have also been on that journey, with the support of like-minded peers. Founders and Leaders will develop invaluable skills, a strong network of peers, investors and potential clients and the ability to implement strategic change to help their company ascend.

To apply, you must fit the following criteria:

– Based in the UK
– Have Artificial Intelligence at the core of your value proposition and your key product, not an excess feature
– Seed to Series A* (or no more than £1.5m annual recurring revenue)
– Take into account ethical considerations

To apply to Applied AI 2.0, please click here.

The application deadline is the 20th of June, links to specific applications for the programmes are above. Alternatively, if you would like to get in touch directly with their South East Entrepreneur Engagement Manager, Elizabeth Corse, please click here.