Multilingual search specialists Oban Digital are set to launch in the United States this month. Already active in 80 markets in more than 30 countries, helping the world’s leading brands and retailers leverage its local knowledge and cultural insights to create campaigns, Oban helps drive traffic and generate a better client ROI anywhere in the world.

Oban retain a Virtual membership with the Centre, having exited as tenants in the summer of 2013 following a period of sustained growth. During their time as tenants, they were the first company to engage in the Centre’s ‘super incubation’ process, which helped to double their revenue in less than a year, while laying the foundations to scale the business still further.

Super incubation involves a programme of intensive accelerated growth support, with members of the Centre’s support team acting as interim managers within a business. The aim is to establish scalable processes and help facilitate growth professionally, without the immediate financial burden of recruiting new specialist staff.

The business is opening its US office in New York and has created the new position of Vice President of US Sales in order to capitalise on the rapidly expanding e-commerce sector in the region.

“E-commerce sales worldwide are predicted to grow to over $2.3 trillion in the next three years,” says Greig Holbrook, Founder and MD of Oban Digital. “Our recent survey found that 67% of businesses claim internationalisation is a key part of their growth strategy, but that only 20% of businesses have all their current communications adapted for local culture or language. If US e-commerce companies and brands are to compete in the growing global market, they need to learn how each local market functions differently from the next. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.”

Founding clients for the US office will include MSN, Dell, Reader’s Digest, Marriott and ASUS, reports marketing magazine The Drum, which named Oban Digital as an Agency to Watch as part of its 2015 New Year’s honours list.

“Audience attitudes and actions differ from country to country, so understanding their intent and habits is key to engaging effectively with international audiences. By understanding the semantic context of search, navigation and intent data on a massive scale we can understand on a deep level what people really think of a product of service,” says Trina Hymes, Vice President of US Sales. “Using local teams to interpret people’s online behavior on a global scale, Oban can provide rich insights into a culture’s particular nuances in relation to any product or service.”