Google AdWords specialists MavenRocket have become the latest Sussex Innovation Centre member to be featured in South East Business magazine’s monthly Innovators column.

Founder Howard ‘H’ Sandford discusses the difference between AdWords campaigns that generate ‘clicks’ and those that convert into sales. “Adwords is a powerful beast, but like any beast, once you let it loose it wants to eat things – namely your budget. One company came to us after spending £13,000 on clicks that would never earn them any money simply because they hadn’t ruled out people looking for jobs,” he says.

The feature also highlights the collaborative community at the Centre and the access it offers to talented graduates from the University of Sussex. H has worked on projects with various other members since becoming a member with his software business Singing Horse Studio in 2010, and he and two other members of MavenRocket’s core team are Sussex alumni.

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