Sussex Innovation is pleased to announce a new partnership with LawEasier. They are offering an exciting and tremendously helpful deal that is bound to benefit members in a smooth and efficient way. If you need help with unavoidable and often complex business law regulations, LawEasier can provide you with extremely useful support, completely free of charge.

LawEasier offers legal advice in a more accessible and affordable fashion than traditional law firms. They help make sure that you’re protected against the multifaceted regulations you must adhere to in the UK. Their research into small businesses’ relationship with the law has uncovered that they have legal needs as many as 8 times a year, but only 1 in 10 seek advice from solicitors. The most obvious reason for this disparity is the price of hiring lawyers. Lawyers charge around £250 per hour and to navigate through even a simple document can take up to 3-4 hours. When you’re a small business your cash flow needs to be carefully and strategically monitored, and sometimes an expensive solicitor is simply not in your budget. LawEasier are partnering up with Sussex Innovation and stepping in to help smaller businesses tackle these issues, providing an unmissable offer for our community.

LawEasier are introducing their legal support to Sussex Innovation members for free under their 12-month Basic Membership. For our start-up and scale-up members, this can act as protection from those extra-legal anxieties which pop up during the year. They cover several key areas of legal needs:

With the basic membership, you gain access to their Legal Guide – a concise and up-to-date manual on business law and regulations which is free from complex jargon. It is an interactive guide explaining specific processes and providing you with answers to your questions, an invaluable resource for start-up and scale-up businesses. The guide has unlimited access and covers legalities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and tracks changes, so whenever you need help, and whatever you need advice for, Law Easier can help.

As part of LawEasier’s free 12-month Basic plan deal with Sussex Innovation, if members decide to upgrade they will receive a discount of 12 months access for the price of 11.

If you’re a member of our community and are interested by this offer from our new partners, simply click here to register your company.