Filmstro, the tool for simple film score composition and editing, has been confirmed as a new integrated panel for the market-leading film production software Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The plug-in is available for both Windows and Mac versions of the software, and offers all the functionality of the full Filmstro Pro software package, including a library of original music themes as well as synchronising and editing capabilities.

Filmstro is designed to democratise the production of original music for film projects, offering film-makers with limited experience of musical theory the ability to adjust and arrange their score in real time. The fundamental building blocks of music are simplified into three main parameters; momentum, depth and power. By controlling these three parameters using adjustable sliders, film-makers can manipulate the sound of one of a huge selection of compositions, which are synchronised with the accompanying visuals.

Film-making tutorial series Film Riot explores how to use the new Filmstro panel in Adobe Premiere

“Our platform is designed to make unique music affordable to anyone, and adaptable to any situation,” says founder and musical director, Seb Jaeger. “Whether it’s a kid making their own clips for YouTube, a film student producing their first short, or a commercial agency soundtracking a new advert – we want to give them the ability to craft amazing music specifically tailored to their pictures. Partnering with an industry giant like Adobe gives us the opportunity to reach more of those film-makers all over the world.”

As well as providing film-makers the opportunity to control an orchestra with their mouse, Filmstro supports composers by offering them improved royalty fees, when compared with the traditional world of creating tracks for music libraries.

“As a former freelancer in the industry myself, I know firsthand how low the income can be from composing library music,” says Seb. “It’s really important to me that we remain a community platform first and foremost, and provide a fair deal for the musicians that are joining our stable. And by paying well, hopefully we get access to their best work too!”

The Filmstro Panel beta is available to download from Filmstro’s website. You can read an interview with Seb about Filmstro’s start-up journey here.