Crystalusion, a revolutionary liquid glass device protector that employs nanotechnology, has been named the most Innovative Product of the year by unanimous vote at the 2017 Mobile News Awards – the biggest event in the UK mobile industry.

Having introduced the product in 2011, and now with offices in over 20 countries, Crystalusion is leading the industry’s evolution towards alternative ‘nano protective’ solutions. Available in over 50 markets worldwide, the technology is designed for users that want to protect smart devices while retaining the original look and feel of the product.

Crystalusion is a state-of-the-art, 100% invisible “one size fits all” solution that can protect any multimedia device – vital to the telecoms industry, as with the constant evolution of mobile devices, accessories can often be unavailable at the time of launch. The innovation provides an alternative solution to the unattractive – and often difficult to maintain – plastic films or bulky screen protectors, that protect devices at the cost of the appearance intended by the manufacturer.

“This is an awesome product,” said Andy Tow, a veteran of 32 years in the mobile industry and one of the award judges. “[It is] a device agnostic product that can be sold to customers at the launch of any new handset or device. It’s easy to apply, and Crystalusion delivers high resistance to scratching for the entire device, not just the screen.”

As well as being highly resistant to abrasion, Crystalusion is oleophobic (making it easy to clean grease and fingerprints), hydrophobic (preventing water marks) and antibacterial (protecting users from the huge amounts of bateria that multiply on many handsets).