Creative technical innovation company Catalyst Corporation has been announced as part of an exciting partnership to develop future vehicle systems.

The collaboration is led by QinetiQ, and involves partners including Williams Advanced Engineering (Formula 1), vehicle safety specialists MIRA, and control systems experts Contract Innovation, with Catalyst Corporation taking the lead in innovation process and new concept simulation.

Ian Colwill, co-founder of Catalyst, said: “This is an exciting collaboration for us to help develop new and cost-effective future vehicle innovations, which builds on our strong background in commercial and consumer tech & engineering innovation. We will be using the latest in simulation and modelling technologies, as well as helping leading vehicle designers and engineers through rapid innovation processes which already have huge benefit in the commercial sector”.

Catalyst Corporation also works with a broad range of businesses from consumer tech, pharma and industrial engineering. More information on how they can help you with innovation can be found at or by emailing