London cabbie John Walsh has been interested in the stock market for as long as he can remember. As a teenager he used to keep the share price pages from the daily newspaper, following and dutifully recording tickers and prices. It wasn’t until the end of 2012 when he was in his late 20s that he entered a trading competition called the ‘City Index Trading Academy’. The trading journey really began here – he not only learned to trade, he went on to win the competition and the £100,000 prize!

The City Index competition win propelled him into the spotlight, where he remains a regular trading pundit, on TV, podcast and radio. In typical cabbie fashion, he will talk stocks and trading day and night, not only to his ‘fares’, but to an army of followers.

A simple, no-nonsense trading system, that is both tried and tested for him now delivers consistent returns. As a busy London cabbie, he developed the system to work around his time driving, and found trading US markets provided:

“US stocks tend to deliver a more consistent performance,” says Walsh. “With this consistency, I developed a strategy using a series of charting signals.”

The BlackCabbieTrader website publishes a free daily ‘Routemaster’ blog, flagging up possible trades and other thoughts. Continuing with the London-esque ‘cabbie’ parlance, traders can then sign up to ‘Get The Knowledge” where for a monthly ‘Fare’ of £18 they can follow Walsh as he publishes live trades, stops and other material.

Subject to the success of his new venture, Walsh plans to give up the Cabbie job to focus on trading full time. But despite everything, his feet remain firmly on the ground. Those hoping for Lamborghinis or expensive yachts might be disappointed.

“Taking and accepting losses are part of trading,” adds Walsh. “My trading approach is mechanical and consistent, if I get stopped out and take a loss that’s fine, because other stocks in the portfolio will continue to run into profit.”