Be Street Smart, the disruptive property platform aiming to be ‘the Uber of buying and letting’, has announced the launch of their new 360 house tours, with one exciting development. They have incorporated an innovative ‘odorama’ feature to their virtual property walkthroughs, allowing potential buyers to not only walk through the property, but to smell it too.

Be Street Smart have never shied away from innovative ideas or disruptive technologies. The company have revolutionised the estate agency sector – by eliminating estate agents from the game and replacing them with Property Gurus; local people with unbeatable local knowledge that help to guide customers through the process of buying or selling their home, all at a fixed fee price. The company has scrapped all targets for the Gurus save for one – high customer satisfaction ratings – which are a requirement to be on the platform.

Now, they have revolutionised the online capabilities of virtual walkthrough tours by incorporating another level of immersion. This development will make waves in the online property market – and potentially see an increase in sales for the air freshener industry too.

Be Street Smart’s resident CTO, Matthew Yeager has been busy designing, building and executing the companies mobile and cloud technologies to bring a customer-centric vision to the market. Today Mr Yeager announced that he has combined 360 video, photography and scentology to create an interactive guide of any property. Utilising groundbreaking technologies first pioneered at the University of Sussex, he has incorporated a prototype ‘scent’ feature to these interactive tours, aptly coined as ‘360 odorama’.

This extra feature means viewers can fully interact with the space as they are led through it, but also immerse their senses by smelling the ambience of these properties. It is hoped that this will eliminate the one-sided perspective that can often leave viewers feeling disengaged, as well as helping prospective buyers to sniff out damp or anything untoward with the property itself.

“It’s been a lot of hard graft,” said Yeager, CTO and Odorama Developer at Be Street Smart. “We’re excited to see this multi-faceted feature work in conjunction with our guided tours. Think of the possibilities for homeowners – now prospective buyers can still be wooed by that infamous ‘new house smell’ online.”

Homeowners are reportedly eager to try the new feature out, at least after ensuring they have taken the bins out first.