Property technology start-up Be Street Smart has announced a partnership with social enterprises Trinity and the Social Letting Agency, as part of its commitment to harness technology for social good.

The announcement came at an event hosted by Be Street Smart in Covent Garden this week, at which the company previewed a range of new initiatives, technologies and partnerships that it is planning to bring to market in the coming months. The audience were treated to sneak previews of virtual and augmented reality tools designed to offer an immersive house viewing experience, and an intelligent property search app dubbed “Tinder for property”.

As part of the partnership, Be Street Smart will contribute £50 to Trinity for every home buyer and seller that are matched through its platform, helping the organisation to open more shared housing schemes. Be Street Smart also pledged to open up its technology and resources, helping people in need to have a say in finding flatmates via the Social Letting Agency. It is hoped that the app will help disadvantaged people to feel more empowered, aiding them on the path to recovery.

Steve Hedley, CEO at Trinity, is currently housing 250 people per year who are suffering the effects of homelessness in West London. Rough sleeping in London has risen by 127% since 2010, and has doubled in the last year. The causes of homelessness are complex and there is no simple solution.

The management team at Be Street Smart were impressed by Trinity’s sustainable model, which provides accommodation and coaching to people suffering the effects of homelessness. Their experience working with people with complex needs has shown that the most effective form of support is one where, through regular and empathetic communication, staff can build relationships with those in need and help them make progress towards recovery. This approach has helped to take 1 in 4 people off the streets in their area, and Be Street Smart are confident that their support will have a significant impact towards ending homelessness.