Advanced Material Development (AMD), an innovator in the field of nanotechnology and material development, has announced a second triumph in their application for funding via the UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA). This time, the funding is focussed on work relating to nanobarcoding.

Following success earlier on in the year, having received DASA support for their work in signature management, this funding round is the second of DASA’s open call invitations – looking for innovative ideas that will improve the defence and security of the UK.

“This year has seen a rapid evolution in AMD’s involvement in the area of protecting both military and civilian personnel,” said AMD’s CEO, John Lee. “Following on from our work in signature management we are now able, with the support of DASA funding, to further our efforts in our key vertical of anti-counterfeiting technologies. Both the UK and US defence agencies have been extremely supportive of our work and we look forward to continuing developing these rewarding relationships.

“Our work with the Materials Physics teams at Sussex and now Surrey continues to drive some very exciting areas of innovation with specific commercial applications and it looks like 2020 will see some major developments for us in a multitude of areas.”

Such support reinforces AMD’s prominence in the sector as they continue to actively engage with leading global businesses, across a number of industries, who are developing innovative material applications that solve commercial and environmental challenges.

Proprietary nanotechnology for the development of materials and near to market applications.