Ambiental is developing flood risk analysis and flood forecasting systems for Malaysia. This prestigious project is part-funded by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP) which uses space knowledge, expertise and capability to provide a sustainable, economic or societal benefit to undeveloped nations and developing economies.

Ambiental has been awarded funding by the UK Space Agency after a successful bid application in conjunction with Satellite Applications Catapult, who act as the lead organisation. For this project a consortium of 13 UK based companies was formed which all operate under the banner of Earth and Sea Observation Systems (EASOS). Ambiental has been appointed as the lead organisation responsible for delivering the flood risk component of a wider project brief.

The overall project objective is to provide the Government of Malaysia with a genuinely scalable and flexible Civil Protection Dashboard environmental monitoring system, which makes use of global best practice, the latest in computer and modelling technology, and the most advanced remote sensing satellite equipment and data currently available. The project will provide assistance to Malaysia under three themes; flood risk, illegal logging and marine pollution.

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Ambiental is a global specialist in flood modelling, flood risk, and climate change and natural hazard analytics.