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Mathematics of life: from epidemics to sex & Time-delayed systems: challenges and Opportunities

16 April @ 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

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Join Prof. Konstantin Blyuss and Prof. Yuliya Kyrychko, both from the Department of Mathematics, talking about “Mathematics of life: from epidemics to sex” and “Time-delayed systems: challenges and opportunities” respectively.

Mathematics of life: from epidemics to sex

In this talk, Prof. Konstantin Blyuss will show how mathematical models can provide fascinating new insights into biological phenomena surrounding us. With COVID-19 pandemic still being important in our minds, he will demonstrate how mathematical analysis of symmetries and stability can explain the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, while also providing clues into optimal strategies for control of infections. Professor Blyuss will also discuss how mathematics can help people have better sex.

About the speaker

After undergraduate studies in theoretical physics in Ukraine and Germany, Konstantin Blyuss did a PhD in applied mathematics at the University of Surrey in 2000-2003. This was followed by PostDocs at the Universities of Exeter and Oxford. In 2006, Konstantin became a Lecturer at the University of Keele, and in 2008, he moved as a Lecturer in Complexity to the University of Bristol. From 2010 he is based at the University of Sussex, where he is now a Professor of Applied Mathematics. His research is in the area of applied mathematics, including delay and stochastic models, with a particular interest in mathematical epidemiology and immunology.

Time-delayed systems: challenges and opportunities

Prof. Yuliya Kyrychko’s talk will concentrate on time-delayed systems, where actions have effects that are not immediate but occur after a delay, presenting a thrilling blend of challenges and opportunities. Imagine a world where traffic lights adapt in real-time to traffic flow, but the changes only take effect after a short delay. These systems offer a chance to revolutionise industries like healthcare, where treatments might take time to show effects, allowing for more tailored and effective healthcare strategies. However, the delay also poses unique challenges, as predicting the precise impact of decisions over time requires advanced mathematical and computational models.

About the speaker

Yuliya Kyrychko earned her PhD in Mathematics from the University of Surrey and has advanced through various academic roles to become a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sussex. Her research expertise lies in mathematical modelling, dynamical systems, and delay differential equations, leading to an extensive publication record with works in top-tier journals. Additionally, she is actively involved in teaching and mentoring, showing her dedication to education and student development in mathematics.


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