At Sussex Innovation we love story telling. So, whenever we have a new idea or product to explain, we like to start right there: what simple concept will allow us to explain a more complex idea and land it in the hearts and minds of our audiences.

Back in 2021 when we won funding to launch a group for ambitious scaling businesses we started the search for a name that would sum up our mission and purpose for the groups.  From this process The Bamboo Club was born. The name of the club is inspired by the qualities of bamboo, the very same qualities which are found in successful business leaders:

Bamboo is strong: Bamboo takes two to three years to establish its root system, during which time very little bamboo growth happens ‘up top’. But once the root system is in place, the growth is extraordinary. Humans and organisations have roots too: they are our systems, relationships, processes. Our roots provide clarity about who we are, our strengths, our focus, and our purpose. Our mission is to help ambitious businesses develop roots so they can grow strong.

Bamboo is prolific: As bamboo grows lots of shoots spring up, soon enough it becomes clear which shoots will continue to grow and which will get crowded out. Our mission is to help business leaders decide which opportunities will be best for their business and to set a course.

Bamboo is resilient: In some cultures, bamboo is used as infrastructure because it has the flexibility to bend and move with trauma, rather than being rigid, unyielding and ultimately vulnerable. Our mission is to help founders to grow the resilience to bend with change and thrive even in uncertain times.

We have some spaces for our groups that start in 2022 and if you’d like to know more then please enquire here.

What is The Bamboo Club?

The Bamboo Club is an exclusive club of inspirational innovators led by Sussex Innovation as part of the Business East Sussex Pivot Programme. The mission of the club is to build resilience amongst its members, enabling them to position themselves for long-term sustainability and success. Members of the club are supported through a combination of peer to peer, workshop and 1:1 mentoring sessions. Action Learning methodologies are employed during sessions to ensure that all members gain deeper insight into their challenges and have actionable steps to take their business forward.

Everyone on the club took action as a direct result of the sessions. Too often as business owners we tackle the easy wins and park our big strategic challenges. The Bamboo Club helped us to focus on what’s most important for our own businesses and the conviction to face them head on.”

Duncan Smith, Mindlab

The benefits of The Bamboo Club are undeniable. Many of the members face similar challenges so you can quickly gain from their thinking and experiences. The group provides a safe space to share challenges and get honest feedback and ideas.”

Michelle Peel, Care Opticians