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Textural Analysis of Radiological Scans
TexRAD is a software application that analyses the textures in existing radiological scans to assist the clinician in assessing the prognosis of patients with cancer. It is currently applicable to colorectal, breast, lung, prostate, oesophagus and renal cancers.

Features and benefits
For Patients:
– non-invasive and minimises discomfort
– may reduce requirement for additional procedures
– may assist with optimisation of cancer care pathways

For Clinicians:
– fits into existing workflow
– efficient – uses routine clinical images
– provides more information than standard visualisation
– cancer imaging biomarker (risk stratification)
– assists targeting of treatment according to prognosis
– cost effective – can be installed on existing imaging systems

For Imaging and PACS OEMs:
– additional and unique product for all existing imaging clients (differentiator)
– novel technology with no current competition (patent applied for)
– software – no hardware modifications required
– offered as an add-on or software bundle

What the Experts are Saying
“The preliminary TexRAD results were impressive: I was able to identify an invasive breast cancer focus within larger area of pre-operative, non-invasive disease.”

– Dr Olga Strukowska, Consultant Radiologist of the Western Sussex Hospitals Trust, Worthing
TexRAD provides unique tumor information, which in addition to standard morphological assessment, could improve therapeutic assessment in renal cancer treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitors. The preliminary results are encouraging for its use as a predictive biomarker in this clinical context.

– Dr Vicky Goh, Consultant Radiologist at Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood

“TexRAD assists clinical decision-making by predicting the risk of disease and assessing the prognosis for cancer patients.

– Professor Ken Miles, Consultant Radiologist and TexRAD’s lead clinical advisor


Web: http://www.texrad.co.uk