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Transforming music teaching and live performance
Syncphonia is a networked music reading app, designed to help ensembles of different abilities play in time together. In school bands and amateur ensembles, new musicians can often become discouraged and demotivated when they are unable to keep up with more experienced players. Syncphonia helps to resolve this problem by enabling a music teacher or conductor to break down the different parts so that the notation and tempo for each player’s instrument is displayed on their own tablet, highlighted bar by barand synchronised with the other players.

Features and benefits
– Synchronised digital notation system for orchestral scores and parts
– Conductor-controlled synchronised highlighting so everyone is in time
– Hands-free page turns, with look ahead, so you know what’s coming next
– Ultra-low latency bluetooth networking
– Support for Retina displays

The Syncphonia app launched in September 2017, and we are keen to hold demonstrations and feedback sessions with school music departments and ensembles. Contact us to find out more.


Web: http://www.syncphonia.co.uk/