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Sussex Multiple Myeloma Biomarker Assay

A Revolutionary Diagnostic Test for Multiple Myeloma and MGUS

Multiple myeloma is the second most common haematological cancer worldwide with approximately 110,000 patients in the USA, EU and Japan alone.

Currently, the diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of multiple myeloma and its preceding condition, MGUS, requires repeated bloodtests, x-rays and bone marrow biopsies which are expensive, stressful, require specialist resources and sometimes lack diagnostic clarity.

The Solution

This miRNA based test is set to simplify the treatment pathway, reduce clinic visits and patient stress, and deliver more accurate prognosis as to the likely progression of the illness.The Multiple Myeloma Biomarker Assay has the potential to replace several stages of the diagnostic pathway that patients and physicians can find themselves repeating for years.

Using a simple blood sample, this test provides detailed and accurate information on the status of MGUS and multiple myeloma development.

Features and Benefits

For Healthcare Providers:

  • Reduction of need for bone biopsy
  • Increased diagnostic information
  • Consultant Haemotologist time saving for disease monitoring
  • Simplification of disease progression check-ups
  • Opportunity to screen, simplify diagnosis and monitor frequently

For Pharmaceuticals:

  • Potential for 370,000 tests each year in UK alone
  • Seamless integration into existing practices and pathways
  • Potential to aid the development of new myeloma drugs
  • Growing market need

For Patients:

  • Less frequent clinic visits lets patients get on with their lives
  • Far less painful than biopsy
  • Familiar and innocuous test reduces patient stress


Developed at The University of Sussex, the test has been substantiated against control groups and we are now seeking a commercial partner to accelerate further development and commercialise the resulting diagnostic.

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