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A Sensor with Many Applications
Electric Potential Sensors (EPS) are wideband (quasi DC to 200 MHz) ultra high impedance sensors capable of detecting spatial potential, electric field or charge. EPS technology has applications in medical, homehealth, security, non-destructive testing, geophysical surveying and human-machine interfacing markets.

Features and Benefits
– Accurate detection of electric fields (potentials) without need for physical contact
– Proven technology for a diverse range of applications
– Patented technology
– Can be used both individually and in array format

ECG/eHealth applications – can detect precise ECG/EEG signals, without need for resistive contact, offers the medical and homehealth sectors an exciting opportunity to incorporate innovative, patient-friendly functionality into recording vital signs in the home, hospital or mobile environments.

Non-destructive testing of composites – can detect the location of faults such as voids, inclusions, disbonding and delamination with particular focus on poorly conducting materials such as carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

Security, safety and human-machine interfacing – can detect movement and aquire biophysiological signals without contact, offering the security and safety sectors an exciting opportunity to develop innovative solutions.

Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR (MRI) sensing probes – Electric Potential Sensor technology could help enhance MRI scanning techniques in hospitals as well as offering new approaches to analytical NMR.

Real-time imaging of electrical circuits and ECGs.

In the Press
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More Information
For more detailed information on the applications of EPS technology, or if you would like further information on how these sensors could apply to your needs, please contact us.


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