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I set up StoryScreen to help individuals and businesses tell their stories. On screen. It’s a simple premise and a simple name. One that encompasses how we communicate in the 21st Century. Everything flows through screens. But it’s no accident that the Story comes first. Stories are human. They connect us. When I hear your story I understand you, and it becomes my story too. However at no time in history have we processed so much information. News, tweets, reels, statuses, streams, pictures. To cut through and connect, how well we tell our stories matters. So as well as great visuals, it’s just as important to work out what the story is, who is telling it, and who it’s for. Before StoryScreen, I worked as an actor for 10 years. I played stages around the UK, from West End productions with Hollywood stars to intimate storytelling in yurts, royal palaces and, one time, a Volvo Estate. I’ve spent another 10 years teaching acting and lecturing in drama at universities in London and York, coaching people to express themselves. Combining videography with my background in performance and communication coaching, I help you connect with your audience, wherever they are.


Email: dan@storyscreen.co.uk