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Multicriteria Mapping

Introduce Creativity and Open Up Complex Decision Making
Multicriteria Mapping (MCM) is an interactive, multicriteria appraisal method for exploring contrasting perspectives on complex, uncertain and contested issues. The tool aims to help ‘open up’ technical assessment by systematically ‘mapping’ the practical implications of alternative options, knowledge, framings and values. It has been designed by Prof Andy Stirling of the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), as a means to explore diverse creative solutions using a systematic and transparent process. MCM uniquely bridges qualitative and quantitative approaches, enabling more participatory analysis. It allows complete flexibility, offering an appraisal method that is strongly grounded in theory but uniquely unconstrained in practice. This versatility has been reflected in its use internationally to explore contentious decisions in the fields of energy strategy, food production, environmental policy, radioactive waste management and public health. Fully backed by a manual and analysis package, MCM offers a tool suitable for a range of uses, from postgraduate projects, through in-depth academic research, to demanding decision-making challenges in professional or policy settings.

Features and Benefits
– Informed by leading academic research
– Flexible, open-ended responses to the decision-making process
– Available both online and offline for flexible working
– Suitable for individual or group research projects

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Web: http://www.multicriteriamapping.com