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Move sound without moving the source
Metasonixx technology offers ultra-high fidelity control over sound, giving us the capability to shape, direct and focus sound waves in real time. Existing directional audio devices are static and cumbersome, making them unsuitable for personalised use. Metasonixx employs metamaterial bricks that can seamlessly adapt the direction and power of sound waves, enabling miniaturisation of the technology and offering the flexibility to do more with sound. Close-to-market applications include separating in-car audio for drivers and passengers, delivering personalised announcements to individuals within shared public spaces, and a range of new ultrasound capabilities for health wearables and smart appliances.

Features and benefits
– Manipulate the power, direction and projection of sound waves at source, in real time
– Miniaturised technology suitable for smaller speakers
– Adaptable to a range of frequencies, including ultrasound and haptic applications
– Upcoming web interface will enable users to customise-design sound blocking and redirection to their built environment

Metasonixx is currently in rapid development. We intend for future product development to be tied to commercial partners’ requirements, and are keen to hear challenges from any industry that demands precision control over sound waves.