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HeartRater is a novel software application stemming from world-leading research conducted at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS). It provides tools to quantify how much an individual’s emotions and decisions are likely to be guided by physiological arousal in the body; a phenomenon known as interoception. The software enables users to measure how sensitive they are to their own heartbeats, an ability linked to wellbeing and performance in high-risk or pressurised environments.

Features and benefits

  • Wide-ranging applications for clinical settings, elite sport, and high-risk occupations
  • Based on world-leading research conducted at Brighton and Sussex Medical School
  • App-based, compatible with mobiles and tablets

HeartRater provides a portable tool to measure interoceptive capacity – linked with the ability to reduce feelings of anxiety, make faster intuitive decisions in pressurised environments, and improve performance on demanding tasks. The software facilitates development of these abilities via tailored training protocols that enable individuals to gain confidence interpreting and acting upon their bodily signals.

This technology is currently being developed by researchers at BSMS, funded by the European Research Council. We are interested in hearing from potential partners who may wish to use this technology to improve performance in their industry. For more detailed information on the applications of HeartRater, or if you would like further information on how this technology could apply to your needs, please contact us by email with the subject line ‘HeartRater’.