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Travel is a vital form of education that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience. Buddyng is a travel community app intent on giving back to the community. Their purpose is engaging diverse backgrounds so we are all more understanding and empathetic of contrasting views to live in a world where giving comes before taking. The app allows you to share posts with friends and the community at large to help others travel safer with more knowledge of places worldwide. Connect with compatible people anywhere in the world, filtering by interests and demographic to find individuals with common travel ambitions. Plan trips with friends or on your own and store travel memories. This venture is predicated on collaboration, recognising the benefits of combining multiple perspectives for mutual benefit. Seize your opportunity to travel. Discover what you don’t know. Their vision is for travel to be a mandatory part of the education curriculum, and will help fund this globally. But it starts by creating a trusting community of individuals striving to travel and helping others travel safer by sharing experiences including safety tips of places worldwide.


Web: http://https://www.buddyng.com/